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Exercise & Fitness Certification

Zafina fitness a unique, fun and dynamic routine that combine a rich traditional zapin movement with high intensity and whole body exercise.

Profession as fitness trainer provided us with the best of two things, generating income and creating our own wealth through health. In order to achieve these goal the trainers must posess good mind and skill set.

Zafina Fitness is a trademark owned by Zafeena Fitness (M) Sdn Bhd. The founder is a well known fitness expert and a prominent name in the industry. He and the management team have vast experience in fitness and exercise, now offering trainer certification to fitness enthusiasts and for those who are interested in becoming a fitness instructor, not only in Malaysia but also throughout the region.

The basic certification for exercise and choreography offered by Zafina Fitness is known as Zafina Fitness Instructor – ‘Zafi’ (Formerly known as Zaf)

This title will be awarded to Zafina Instructors who passed the Basic Exercise and Choreography from the ‘Zafigerak’ course and also pass the evaluation of instructor training video.

Advance instructor certification known as Zafina Fitness Trainer – ‘ZFT’ will be awarded to Zafi who passes 7 additional courses, namely:

  1. Zafi Gayang (ZAFi ‘g’)
  2. Zafina High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) (ZAFi ‘ht’)
  3. Zafina Strength and Conditioning (ZAFi ‘strg’)
  4. Zafina Aqua (ZAFI ‘aq’)
  5. Zafina Tempur (ZAFi ‘tp’)
  6. Zafina Flo (ZAFi ‘spo’)
  7. Zafina Sit and Active (ZAFi ‘stv’)

The highest certification is Zafina Learning Facilitator (ZLF) that will be given to ZFT who passes the Training of Trainer (TOT) course through the Professional Learning Facilitator Program.

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Classes For All Fitness Levels



Learning Objective

Zafina Fitness Trainers (ZFT) will refine Instructor movements through drills and vigorous training. This program will prepare our trainers to be proficient in teaching by adding flow and grace towards the zapin movement.

Key Content
• ZFT Trainer will be given great amounts training in teaching technique.
• Will be taught how to use effective verbal and visual Cueing
• Will Understand how to utilize use the system (learning curves)
• Will Understand How, What, Where and when

Learning Outcomes
• After the program ZFT trainer must be able to conduct and lead very effective class.
• The trainer will become an excellent presenter and will perform with very energizing zapin movement
• ZFT trainer will be self motivated and knowledgeable in their craft


Learning Objective
• Zafina H.I.I.T is a program that encompasses strength, endurance and interval training, utilizing various workout protocols and equipment exclusive only to zafina fitness trainer to ensure the ultimate fitness experience for the client.

Key Content
• Zafina Fitness Trainer (ZFT) will learn how to perform body girth and body fat measurement.
• ZFT will learn the basics and fundamentals of H.I.I.T training.
• ZFT will learn various type of H.I.I.T exercises.
• ZFT will utilize Circuit Vs Interval training
• ZFT trainer will learn the concept of the 3S’s ( Stamina/ Strength/ Suppleness)

Learning Outcomes
• ZFT will be able conduct H.I.I.T exercise program to the public and be knowledgeable on how to monitor the progress of the program.
• ZFT will be able to provide necessary exercise tools for the program.
• ZFT will be proficient on how to promote exercise awareness and wellness throughout the program


Learning Objective

Zafina tempur incorporates the traditional and spectacular form of Malaysian martial arts known as “silat” with a modern style fitness regiment to form a unique and traditional fitness experience.

Key Content
• ZFT must learn and remember Zafina tempur exercises and terminology
• Warm up/ Cooling down ( Tari Sembah/Pucuk rebung/ Puteri Mandi) concepts in zafina Tempur
• Asahan / Pelampas drill and technique
• Exercise combo in Zafina tempur and application
• Breathing Technique for strength and for relaxation

Learning Outcome
• ZFT will be able to conduct “Tempur” classes.
• ZFT will be able to master and explain “Tempur” exercises and terminology.
• ZFT will be able to teach traditional breathing technique.
• ZFT will be able to perform “Tempur” techniques eloquently


Learning Objective

Zafina Aqua is a fun and challenging program that maximises the fitness experience by taking regular exercise and putting it in water! Zafina Aqua will bring new life to exercise as you know it while maintaining the safety and integrity of your body.

Key content

  • Designing workouts for different water depths, Shallow and deep water.
  • ZFT must how to control their own exercise intensity.
  • How to use many different kinds of equipment
  • Organise routines to create classes that run smoothly, and design routines for people who are just starting to exercise as well as seasoned water exercise veterans.
  • Theory and Practical exam

Learning Outcome

ZFT will be able to teach aqua class for beginners, Intermediate and advanced participants

  • ZFT will be able demonstrate safety precaution and water confidence.
  • ZFT will be able know how to use aquatic equipment.
  • ZFT will be able Create fun exercise routine and games

Learning Objective

Zafina Sit and Active is a one of a kind exercise program designed for those with the limited ability to exercise. This program promotes exercise and fitness from the comfort of your own chair!

 Key content

  • Seated exercises utilising household equipments
  • How to elevate your heart rate while sitting
  • Chair exercise with music (chair aerobic)
  • Chair exercise for strength and conditioning

 Learning Out Come


  • ZFT will be able to know how to use and fully utilise the chair as an exercise tool
  • ZFT will be able conduct fun and interesting Chair aerobics exercises
  • ZFT will be able to know how to use chair for muscle strength and endurance purposes

Learning Objective

Zafina FLO is a specially designed program for the elderly and disabled population. Zafina fitness believes it is everyone’s right to exercise and this program is designed especially for that purpose.

Key Content

  • Design exercise program with low-to-moderate intensity that progress gradually.
  • Understand the nature of the program based on the current health status and physical condition of the participant.
  • General health and fitness screening process for safety purpose.
  • Be able to know how to cater to the needs of participant, special modifications and how monitor intensity.

Learning Outcome


  • ZFT will be able to perform, motivate, demonstrate and teach with the correct technique
  • ZFT will be able create a variety of interesting and challenging classes
  • ZFT will be able to provide Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Planning ( SOAP) notes for documentation of client encounters health status and progress.

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As a members, you were license to teach and use Zafina choreography, music and logo for events and classes


Unrestricted and unlimited access to Istana Zafina that hosted the highly valuable collections of training videos and songs. The contents of Istana Zafina will be updated regularly to keep your classes afresh and vibrant


Members are given priority to secure seat for exclusives and specialty training classes conducted by Zafina. In 2019, 6 new specialty fitness classes introduced by Zafina to empower members with the mindset and skillset to become a successful fitness trainer


Members will enjoy special price for Zafina merchandise, training program and events fees marketed and/or organised by Zafina Malaysia.


Members will enjoy the community support given by Zafina and get connected to the network of new and experience trainers in the region.


Members are provided with marketing tools to promote classes and event at Zafina official website.

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