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Where fitness meets culture

Encapture the new perspective of fitness the Malaysian way! Made to embody the core values of true Malay culture, modesty, and gentleness with the international fitness standards. From beginners, big corporations to fitness instructors, Zafina Fitness has all the programs for you!

Zafina Workshops & MasterClass

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Kickstart your new fitness journey, embrace local culture and have fun with traditional zapin movements accompanied by popular local folk songs such as Jong-Jong Inai, Ulik Mayang, Endang, and Embun Soksek. Get your groove on and move along the beat!

Zafina Corporate
Wellness Program

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Inspire, empower, and engage your employees towards a healthier and more productive working environment. From Silat to Zapin, we offer wellness program with plentiful creative activities made to develop strong teamwork and tailored to your organizational needs.

Zafina Trainer Membership

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Exclusive and complete access to Zafina Fitness video & audio gallery to equip instructors with the best skillsets to coach others. Do you have what it takes to be the next Zafina superstar? Join us in cherishing Malay heritage and start making income with fitness today.