Corporate Wellness Data Survey (CWDS)

 An awareness and assessment program that provides effective wellness management learning and quantified data on employee wellness to both employer and employee for intervention planning

Rhythm of Performance (ROP)

A team development and leadership program that uses the growth model of a traditional kompang troupe to simulate the challenges and benefits of collaboration

Women On Weights (WOW)

 A women only (trainers and participants) program that trains how to use simple weights to strengthen the cardiovascular system, burn fat, increase mobility and flexibility and general wellness.

Holistic Approach to Health and Fitness.

We crafted the program to be holistic which includes fitness assessment, health screening, effective fitness and nutritional training, stress management, weight management, team building and plenty of fun and educational activities.

Creative and rich in tradition

We tailored program based on organisational need, incorporate our rich traditional ways to stimulate our body, soul and mind.  Utilising senaman tua originates from the Malay martial arts known as “Silat” for breathing techniques, posture correction, stretching, calisthenics and own body-weight support training

Fun and Energizing

A fun and healthy activity for all, Aerobics Dance improves heart rate, muscle coordination and bloodcirculation. Accompanied by catchy dance music, aerobics will surely add a fun dimension to any health & fitness program you choose.

Our way

Embracing the Asian culture for team building to empower  organisation with strong social relation and define roles within teams, understand each other strength, weakness and interest. Utilising fun team building games and activities as part of ongoing strategy for developing a strong and effective team.

Knowledge and high self-awareness

Pack with a lot of  wellness and health tips from the great speakers in the industry.

Zafina Corporate Wellness Programs is a unique non-conventional method to empower employees wellbeing by utilising holistic approach and traditional ways toward healthier, happier and productive working environment.

The national Health morbidity Survey 2015 findings showed that 9.6 million people aged above 18 years or nearly half the population at 47.7 per cent had high cholesterol levels, 3.5 million Malaysian adults have diabetes and 6.1 million people suffer from hypertension.

Some of the measures to prevents and halted progression of the life style related illnesses are to exercise consistently, sleep at least eight hours a day, eat right and avoid social media at least 45 minutes before going to bed.

Our corporate wellness program is aiming to assist an organisation to kick start their journey to create a culture of health and wellness.

We believe if the senior management and employees are not function well, the organisation will not function well. A healthy organisation, healthy employee will be more creative, efficient and happier. The positive energy spread out like a wildfire and the result will be amazing.

corporate wellness program

Each of our offerings, whether ready assets or custom-built solutions are divided into 3 levels:


This is the awareness phase where most participants get introduced to the basic physical concepts of exercise, physiological concepts of disease management and psychological concepts of leadership, teamwork and stress management


This is the user level where participants continue to learn and customize for themselves physical and psychological development programs based on the basic sessions.


This is the high-performance level normally reserved for athletes and potential leadership who will experience high stresses and social challenges in their daily work


“The program is unique… an eye-opener. I’ll make sure my family learns what you have taught me. The starter kit is a very good guide for me to start planning my exercises. Thank you!”

Participant, GTS PETRONAS

“Walaupun penyampaiannya selamba saja, tapi dapat banyak input untuk amalan seharian”

Participant, MLNG Labuan

“The sessions have wonderful impact, and a nice balance of theory and practical. Keep up the good work”