Our Story

From one dream to one goal.

Our Story

The start of ZafinaFitness™ begins with a dream of a teenager becoming a fitness coach. Brings along with him as he migrates to city life from his hometown, he hopes and ambitions to help thousands of people achieve their dreams. The teenager, Yazid Abdul Rani, is now a big name for his extensive involvement in the nation’s fitness industry.

From the Ministry of Youth and Sports, big local corporations, to countless leading NGOs, Yazid has brought a new fitness perspective, the Malaysian way.

In the era where convenience is everything, Yazid sees that the Malaysian fitness level is declining day by day. Though there had been multiple attempts from outside countries to persuade people to exercise—Zumba from Brazil, K-Pop from Korea, Masala Bhangra from India, Bokwa from South Africa—none were in line with the local culture.

Women lost interest because of the intensive movements and tight clothing. And men only see these dances as feminine and un-manly.

Yazid realized; to solve these problems, he needs to go back to his roots and see what exactly embodies our local culture. And that is where Zapin found its glorious way into Yazid’s life. In his view, although Zapin is originally a cultural and heritage dance, the movements it has is quite energetic.

Similar to Tabata or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, Zapin uses multiple lean and essential muscles in the body to create graceful and impactful movements. With dedication and years of sports & fitness experience, Zafina Fitness was born into the world.

Now, Zafina Fitness is on a mission of spreading positivity and raising the Malaysian spirit throughout Malaysia; no matter age, gender, and ethnicity. For a fitter, healthier, and happier Malaysia!

Encapture fun moments together, enjoy traditional folk music, and keep Zapin to a healthy and active Malaysia.

I believe being healthy should never be a privilege, instead, accessible to everyone.

No matter the age, physical fitness, and gender, everyone deserves to be healthy and happy.

Zafina Fitness realized that one way to make exercise fun is by combining it with something that all ages love. And that is how Zapin found its way.

Gentle, grace, modesty, softness — Zapin embodies all the core values of true Malay culture. Through Zapin, it helps gain confidence, connect with others, improve heart strength, and tone muscles, all while dancing to the soft tones of traditional Malay folk songs.

Today, with years of experience in sport science and spreading our wings, Zafina Fitness is on a goal to spread positivity and inspire Malaysians of all ages to be fitter, healthier and happier!


Yazid Abdul Rani