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We inspire active lifestyles and modesty through energetic
& easy workouts based on Zapin

Your Fitness Journey, Together

Was working out alone the reason you gave up?
Zafina Community is here to save you.

Classic, contemporary & active

Empowering exercise with Malaysian culture. Fostering harmony, politeness,
and morality among members through the inclusion of various sports,
welfare, and social activities.

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Easy To Follow

Soft and gentle movements

Modestly Active

Comfort in modest activewear

Impactful Routines

Effectively improve overall fitness

Do You Find Yourself Struggling With Today’s Fitness Program?

Zafina Fitness di rancangan Selamat Pagi Malaysia

Intensive workout is too tiring?
Uncomfortable with tight activewear?
Despised with your negative feelings?

Let’s face it — losing weight and hitting the gym is not an easy thing to do, especially if you’re doing it alone! Even more so for women, it is difficult to focus when you’re uncomfortable and concerned with the tight activewear worn during the workout session.

Nowadays, people care too much on getting fit and lean that they lose focus on what actually matters, happiness – to be able to have fun and enjoy yourself. Whether you are a beginner or an avid fitness junkie, at the end of the day, it is the FUN things that actually keep you going!

When there is no fun factor in exercising, it will not be realistic enough to become a consistent routine. And that is exactly why many gave up as early as day 2!

If these are your main concerns too, then you’re not alone!

Here at Zafina Fitness, we want to help you get fit with grace and gentleness, because we believe that exercising does not have to be boring and forceful! It needs to be fun, lively, active, and impactful enough to motivate you to keep going and stay healthy much longer.

Introducing Zafina Fitness

Malaysia’s First Ever High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Routine Based On Zapin, Built Upon Sound Scientific & Fitness Principle

Kickstart your new fitness journey, embrace local culture and have fun with traditional zapin movements accompanied by popular local folk songs such as Jong-Jong Inai, Ulik Mayang, Endang, and Embun Soksek. Get your groove on and move along the beat!

Easy To Follow

Soft and gentle movements that are easy-to-follow and suitable for all ages with a cultural touch.

Modestly Active

Zapin movements allow you to stay active, sustain good health, and maintain modesty in the activity.

Impactful Routine

HIIT workouts are impactful to train lean muscles, improve balance, build cardio capacity and boost overall fitness.

As Featured In


Zafina Fitness Featured in Malaysia Book of Records

The Malaysia Book of Records gave recognition to the Let’s Zafina with UPM Community program on 14 Sep, 2019.

Vision & Mission


Empowering exercise with Malaysian culture, Fostering harmony, politeness, and morality among members through the inclusion of various sports, welfare, and social activities.

Zafina Fitness Malaysia 2022

Helping members towards improving productivity and quality of life to a more excellent level and trying to expose members to work movement activities that help build and improve self-development.

Zafina Fitness Malaysia 2022

Get Fit & Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin Today

If you feel modesty, age, and body size are what hold you back, then say no more! We understand no one was born with the same fitness level, but we know that all of us share the same goals; to get fit, to have fun and to be healthy! From beginners to advanced, Zafina Fitness has all the right programs for you. Let’s get started now!

I believe being healthy should never be a privilege, instead, accessible to everyone.

No matter the age, physical fitness, and gender, everyone deserves to be healthy and happy.

Zafina Fitness realized that one way to make exercise fun is by combining it with something that all ages love. And that is how Zapin found its way.

Gentle, grace, modesty, softness — Zapin embodies all the core values of true Malay culture. Through Zapin, it helps gain confidence, connect with others, improve heart strength, and tone muscles, all while dancing to the soft tones of traditional Malay folk songs.

Today, with years of experience in sport science and spreading our wings, Zafina Fitness is on a goal to spread positivity and inspire Malaysians of all ages to be fitter, healthier and happier!


Yazid Abdul Rani